Benefits of a Steel Frame Building for Commercial Projects

Benefits of a Steel Frame Building for Commercial Projects

Your business is your legacy, and the space in which this business is conducted plays a direct role in its success. Our Texas metal building company knows the importance of sturdy commercial construction that lasts for generations to come, which is why we stand behind our quality steel frame buildings that will help build your success for the future. If you’re considering a custom metal building for your commercial project, keep reading to see the many benefits of a steel frame building, as well as how our Texas metal construction company offers the premium quality builds and unmatched customer service for every Texas metal building we construct.

Advantages of Our Texas Metal Buildings for Your Commercial Project

There’s a reason steel has long been the preferred material for commercial buildings in a number of industries. Here are just a few of the benefits of a steel frame building

Texas Steel Frame Buildings Are Strong

There is no stronger material than steel for your Texas commercial metal building. Our Texas metal builder uses steel to frame your premium quality build, ensuring it will last for generations to come. Additionally, steel’s strength means it can support the weight of the structure better than other framing materials, like wood. 

Texas Metal Buildings Are Durable

Steel is built to last and does not warp, crack, or shrink over time. Other materials, such as wood or concrete, expand and contract when exposed to moisture, which will require them to be replaced eventually. In some climates with higher rainfall totals and humidity levels, these materials will wear down sooner and require premature replacement. WIth steel, however, your commercial metal building will last for generations to come. 

Texas Steel Frame Buildings Offer Versatility and Affordability 

Due to its simple structure, Texas metal buildings offer a number of versatile uses that can be constructed quickly and without the hassle required to build commercial buildings with other materials. They are also easy to customize for virtually any commercial application. Given this straightforward assembly, Texas steel framed buildings are a cost-effective option for your commercial project as well.

Texas Metal Construction Is Resistant to Fire, Flood, and Termite Damage

Texas metal buildings are non-combustible, removing the risk of fire damage. Steel’s strength and impervious qualities also make it immune to water damage. Unlike wood, which serves as a food source for termites or even an easy barrier to cross for other critters hoping to gain entry to your property, steel cannot be damaged by insects or pests.

Texas Commercial Metal Building Construction Uses

A number of industries rely on steel frame buildings for commercial use thanks to the advantages listed above. If your commercial construction project includes any of these items, opt for a steel frame building: 

  • Commercial manufacturing facilities
  • Airplane hangars
  • Retail centers and spaces
  • Boat and RV storage
  • Automotive repair garages

Bal-Con Builders Is Your Choice for Quality Texas Metal Building Construction

Build the future of your success with the premium quality builds and unmatched customer service of our Texas metal building company. We offer residential metal construction and drop-ship metal construction services in addition to our top-notch commerical metal buildings. If your Texas commercial construction project requires a versatile material that is also durable enough to stand the test of time, then call us today to schedule a consultation with our team of experts and take the next step in building your legacy with Bal-Con Builders.

What Is Drop-Ship Metal Construction?

What Is Drop-Ship Metal Construction?

If you’re looking to invest in a Texas metal building for your home or business, there are a number of options available. While you may understand many of these choices, you might be unfamiliar with some of our Texas metal building company services–such drop-ship metal construction–might be unfamiliar. In order to help you build success for your future, this article will explain drop-ship metal construction and help you determine if it’s the right choice for your metal building construction project. 

Texas Drop-Ship Metal Construction Explained

While our commercial metal building construction services are designed to build and erect your Texas metal building on your job site, when you opt for our Texas metal drop-ship building services, we ship the materials to your site for you to assemble. This option may be right for you if your project takes place outside of the Houston area or if your team prefers to erect your Texas metal building yourself. No matter the reason, our Texas drop-ship metal construction services include the same unmatched customer service and quality build materials as our commercial metal building construction services, paving the way for you to build your future of success.

Step 1: References

Send your ideas to our Texas metal building company, along with any drawings you may have. We will use this information to gain an understanding of your Texas metal building vision and needs.

Step 2: Consultation and Pricing

Once we determine your goals for building your success for the future, we’ll offer our recommendations for the best materials to fit your needs and specifications, as well as discuss your pricing options. Following these consultations, we’ll draft and send a customized service agreement for your Texas drop-ship metal building materials.

Step 3: Shipping

Once a service agreement is established, we’ll ship your Texas metal building materials to you and ensure they arrive as scheduled.

Step 4: Local Site Visits

As you construct your Texas metal building, we are available to guide you through the process, either through local site visits throughout the Houston area or, if your Texas metal building construction project takes place outside the Houston area, with remote assistance. 

Build your Success for the Future with Our Drop-Ship Metal Building Services

Bal-Con Builders is a Texas metal building company known for building success. Our unmatched customer service, quality builds, and ability to construct dreams into reality have set us apart from the competition and allowed us to establish ourselves as the leading metal building company in Texas. If you’re interested in discussing our residential, commercial, or DIY/dropship metal building services, call us today and see how we can help you build your legacy.

Is a Steel Frame Building Right for You?

Is a Steel Frame Building Right for You?

Never before have there been so many options for materials to use when beginning a new construction project. Whether residential or commercial, the sheer number of possibilities can seem downright overwhelming. One material known for its durability and versatility is steel, which is what we use to construct our Texas commercial metal buildings and Texas barndominium shells. Keep reading to see if a steel frame building is right for you and your needs by exploring the different types we offer here at Bal-Con Builders. 

Building Success for the Future with Texas Metal Buildings

Our Texas metal builders specialize in constructing a variety of steel frame buildings for both residential and commercial use. Depending on your project’s scope, purpose, and budget, these steel frame building options may be the perfect fit for your needs.

Commercial Metal Building Construction Options

Steel has long been a reliable and highly-sought-after commercial building material. It is strong, affordable, and easy to tailor and customize to most commercial applications. If your commercial construction project includes the following structures, opt for a steel frame building: 

  • Commercial manufacturing facilities
  • Airplane hangars
  • Retail centers and spaces
  • Boat and RV storage
  • Automotive repair garages

These industries turn to our steel frame construction services to build the future of their success thanks to premium quality builds and unmatched customer service. If your Texas commercial construction project requires a versatile material that is also durable enough to stand the test of time, then a Texas steel frame building from Bal-Con Builders is for you.

Residential Metal Building Construction Options

While steel hasn’t always been a traditional material for residential construction, it’s quickly becoming one for all the reasons it’s long been used in commercial construction. At Bal-Con, we can construct a variety of steel frame residential buildings, such as:

  • Barndominium shells: these modern living spaces are becoming the next choice in durable, affordable, and versatile residential construction material.
  • Multi-purpose rooms: we can construct a residential steel frame building to be used for craft rooms, storage sheds, workshops, and more on your property.

Our team will work closely with your general contractor to construct your residential metal construction building to meet your specifications, preferences, and purpose. We strive to live up to our reputation for excellence by bringing you unmatched customer service and premium quality builds that will last for generations to come. 

Build Success for Your Future with Our Texas Metal Building Company

If you believe a Texas steel frame building is right for your residential or commercial construction project, call Bal-Con Builders today to discuss your options. Our commitment to constructing your dream into reality is at the heart of every project we execute. Whether you need our Texas metal construction company for your home or business, our unmatched customer service and premium quality materials help you build success for your future. 

Barndominiums as Modern, Metal Living Spaces

Barndominiums as Modern, Metal Living Spaces

Barndominiums are rapidly gaining popularity due to their versatility, durability, and modern aesthetic. Given that these structures are only recently becoming more commonplace, many prospective barndominium owners turn to our Texas metal builders’ reputation for unmatched customer service in order to better understand the design, cost, and Houston barndominium building process. If these nontraditional Texas metal buildings are an intriguing option for your new house, keep reading to learn more about Houston barndominiums and if it’s the right home for you. 

What is a Texas Barnominium?

As the name implies, a barndominium is a Houston metal building that would traditionally be used as a barn, but is reenvisioned as a living space. Its appeal lies in its size, open floor plan, and simple design that serves as a blank canvas, ready to reflect your personal tastes. It consists of a metal shell built to your specifications that is then erected on your property, where you and/or your general contractor will complete the build with your choice of interior materials and finishes. Due to the simplicity of the metal shell, your Houston barndominium can be adapted to meet virtually any style, from farmhouse, to modern industrial, to country chic. Our Houston metal builders have helped countless homeowners build their legacy with our Texas barndominiums and we take great pride in the way each customer transforms our premium quality build into their sanctuary.

Traditional Home Vs. Houston Barndominium

While a Texas barndominium is designed to be a living space, the nature of the space as well as the process used to build it are quite different from those aspects of a traditional home. There are a number of advantages to building a Texas barndominium over other options, but there are limitations that you should evaluate before making a final decision. Our Texas metal builders encourage customers to consider the following:

Texas Barndominium Advantages

  • Quality steel construction, which lasts for generations to come.
  • Highly versatile and customizable.
  • Often more cost-effective.
  • Less susceptible to damage from fire, flood, and termites.
  • Requires less maintenance than traditional homes.
  • Modern, innovative design.
  • Quick turnaround for metal shell.

Texas Barndominium Limitations

  • Typically not accepted by most neighborhood deed restrictions, so likely must be erected in rural area.
  • Large, open concept can be overwhelming for some homeowners depending on lifestyle and eye for layout and design.
  • Texas metal builders typically only construct and erect the metal shell, so required collaboration with other residential construction professionals.. 

Our Texas Metal Builders Deliver Premium Quality Barndominium Construction

If you’re interested in learning more about Texas residential metal building construction services, including Houston barndominiums, contact us today. Our unmatched customer service and premium quality builds are designed to effectively and efficiently help you construct your dreams into reality. We look forward to showing you why so many homeowners are choosing to embrace our Texas barndominiums as modern, metal living spaces that will last for generations to come.

Unveiling BalCon Builders’ Brand New Website and Marketing Strategy

Unveiling BalCon Builders’ Brand New Website and Marketing Strategy

The day has finally come! We have a brand new website to help us take our company to the next level with the help of INFINI Marketing

The Backstory

Our website hadn’t been updated in quite a while and, as proud as we are of our company, we recognize the importance of also taking pride in our website and ensuring that it meets our own standards. Considering our new website would be the first point of contact that many of our future clients have with us, an updated and scalable website is critical. BalCon Builders is ready for new heights and we are really excited about this new partnership with INFINI Marketing!

Brand-First Marketing Strategy

To kick off our brand new Houston web design, we met with INFINI to first discuss our branding. They implement a brand-first marketing strategy that is rooted in honing our identity so we can work with people who resonate with us and our values, making them lifelong customers of BalCon Builders. 

When we met with INFINI Marketing’s team, we discussed a number of things relating to:

  • Who we are
  • Why we started BalCon Builders
  • Where we want to be
  • What sets us apart from other metal builders

While they asked us questions, their team took highly detailed notes which would be used to craft our brand. Today, we are so excited to see our new brand presented on our website. We feel that once someone lands on our website, they will immediately know what we’re all about.

Mobile-First Website Design

Since most web browsing these days takes place on smartphones, it’s essential that our new web design is mobile-friendly. Our customer experience begins the moment a prospect lands on our website or calls us, so we want to be sure we start with our best foot forward.

As for the overall design, we kept it clean and simple so it would be easy to get information and view our previous builds.

SEO Strategy

SEO is a new strategy we are trying, which will help our website appear on the first page of various search engines, including Google. Our SEO strategy has 3 parts:

Blogging for SEO

Every month, INFINI’s team will write blogs that push our keywords so we can get our website’s SEO ranking up and get closer to page 1.

Local SEO

We’re increasing our presence in the local market for those who run a local search for our metal building services.

SEO-Friendly Website

In addition to blogging and local SEO, their team also prepares our website for SEO success by ensuring that competitive keywords are spread out across all of our pages.

A New Chapter For BalCon Metal Builders

We couldn’t be more excited about our new Houston website design. It was important for us to work with a company that understands our passion, and INFINI is just what we were looking for. We look forward to working with them and helping our business soar to new heights as we make an impact on the world together!

Our Commitment to Your Success

You want a building meant to outlast future generations, and we want to help you build it. Whether you seek our residential or commercial metal building projects, we are fully dedicated to your projects’ success and, as a result, your own. We look forward to working together!

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