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When you make the choice to invest in a Texas metal building for your home or business, you deserve to know exactly what materials will be used, understand each step of the process, and trust that your legacy will be built to last for generations to come. When you choose Bal-Con Builders, you’re choosing unmatched customer service built on transparency and timely communication. Not only do we use top-quality materials that stand the test of time, but we also clearly outline the Texas metal building construction process so you can remain informed throughout.

The Texas Metal Building Construction Process

We strive to make the Texas metal building construction process as straightforward as possible so you can be confident you’re getting exactly what you need for your home or business. Here’s what you can expect when working with our Texas metal builders:
Initial Consultation

Step 1:

Initial Consultation

We begin with a clearly-defined timeline that integrates seamlessly with the other entities contributing to your Texas metal building construction project, eliminating the chaos that can potentially accompany a 3rd-party construction project collaboration. We also partner with interior designers to help achieve your desired aesthetic.
Blueprint Animation

Step 2:


During this part of your Texas metal building construction process, we design the metal component of the project so the structure meets your needs and wishes.
Stamp and Verification

Step 3:

Detailer and Engineer Stamp & Verification

This important step ensures the design meets building codes and ensures the structural integrity of your Texas metal building.
Customer Approval Animation

Step 4:

Customer Approval

Before moving forward, we ensure you are pleased with the final design and approve any possible changes.
Hammer Animation

Step 5:


We begin production and provide you with an estimated delivery date. If you choose to erect your Texas metal building with us, our Texas metal builders will begin erection the same day materials are delivered. If you choose another company to erect your Texas metal building, we ensure all materials are brought in advance of the date you provide so your project remains on schedule.
Metal Building Animation

Step 6:

Final Walkthrough

Once erection is complete, we perform a walkthrough of your new Texas metal building so we can ensure you are pleased with the final result.

Our Texas Metal Building Construction Materials

Your Texas metal building is only as strong as the materials used to construct it, which is why we offer the following top-of-the-line materials:

Panels and Trim

All our quality builds use panels made from 1st quality steel–never seconds or rejects. Our 26-gauge sheeting and trim is composed of 80,000 PSO material. Bare panels are coated with Galvalume Plus® baked by a 25-year written warranty. Our colored panels consist of Galvalume®-coated substrate that is prime coated and painted with silicone-modified polyester paint and backed by an impressive 30-year written warranty that will last a lifetime.

Exterior Panels

Our high-quality standard gauge 26 exterior panels are a key component to our superior Texas metal building materials, but we also carry standard “R” profile paneling, should you prefer a more cost-effective option. When you construct your dreams into reality, it’s imperative to have a structurally sound roofing system. Our roof panels meet Underwriter's Laboratories Class 90 wind uplift rating and can be further reinforced to include an optional standing seam roof at extra cost.

Roof and Wall Fasteners

We furnish only the finest available fasteners for our roof and wall systems, using Long-Life Fasteners on every Texas metal building construction project we execute.

Panel Profiles

The standard roof sheeting for our premium quality builds is the "PBR" panel, which is available in bare Galvalume Plus®, as well as a variety of colors to suit your desired aesthetic. The same is true for our "R" panel wall sheeting and "PBR" panel wall sheeting. Some PBR panel colors may not be available in your specific geographic region, however, in which case we’ll demonstrate our unmatched customer service and help you find an alternative.

Steel Wall and Roof Liner Panels

Liner panels make up the interior walls of a Texas metal building and enhance its appearance by providing a finished look for the interior. More importantly, liners protect the insulation and the outside walls of your Texas steel building. Since un-reinforced insulation facings tear easily, and even the best-reinforced materials can be damaged, liner panels are the intelligent solution to protect your investment. Although 26-gauge exterior walls can withstand a lot of punishment, a steel liner will protect your Texas metal building's interior and performs at a lower cost than other wall coverings, which will require their own framing.

Like exterior walls, a liner panel consists of 3-foot wide panels that are attached to the framing in the same manner as exterior sheeting. Full-height liners run from floor to roof. We offer a low-rib, 29-gauge liner panel, as well as partial-height liners that typically attach to the girt at 7 '4'' and extend a few inches above it. Buildings with liner panels must have a base connection for the bottom of the panel (see base conditions).

Panel Options

Color or Galvalume

Our online system includes both Galvalume Plus® and SMP Colors. For a small price increase you can add a colored roof. Our standard colored panels consist of a Galvalume® sheet that has been primed and coated with Silicone Modified Polyester (SMP) paint. Both panel types are very tough, and both our Galvalume Plus® warranty and our paint warranty run for 25 and 30 years respectively. The Galvalume Plus® panels cost less, but the painted panels give your steel building a more refined look.

Color and Roof Pitch

When considering color over Galvalume, be sure to take the roof pitch into account. Higher-pitched roofs are more noticeable, but with a low-pitched roof very little of the roof can be seen.

Sky Lights

One of the most popular options available for metal buildings is a skylight. High quality translucent panels are an available option to any building. Skylights allow a great deal of light into a building. An adequate number of skylights will provide enough illumination for daytime work in a building, without the need for additional lighting. A standard configuration is to put two skylights per bay.

Base Condition

Every Texas metal building has some type of base connection along the building perimeter, allowing for sheeting connection. This "base condition" determines exactly how the panels connect to the foundation. To prevent water and pests from entering the building at the base, panels extend below the finished floor of the building. Our online design and pricing system allows users to choose from a number of different base options, which are illustrated and described in detail below.

  • Standard Base Angle: Our system defaults to a standard base angle condition. This condition consists of a single angle member, attached to both the wall sheets and the slab. Please note that the standard base condition requires that the slab be formed with a 1½" sheet notch to allow the sheets to extend below the top of the slab.
  • Base Trim (without concrete notch): Deluxe base trim is another option for buildings with concrete slab foundations. Deluxe base trim combines base angle and trim into one piece, providing all the benefits of base trim and base angle. Deluxe base trim is only available in burnished slate color.
  • Base Girt (liner ready): The base girt option is designed for buildings that sit on piers rather than a full slab. A base girt system does not rest on or attach to the foundation. The base girt attaches to clips on the columns about 6" above the foundation. The base girt provides a great connection for liner panel.
  • Base Channel (liner ready): Base channel is a "cee" shaped section that runs the perimeter of the building connected to the floor. It is most commonly used when a liner panel, or interior wall, is going to be installed. The "cee" section provides a pre-positioned connection point for inside panels. This approach requires a sheet notch in the slab (for an alternative, see the combination of base channel and base trim below).

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