Front elevation of beautiful, modern Texas barndominium.

Barndominiums as Modern, Metal Living Spaces

Barndominiums are rapidly gaining popularity due to their versatility, durability, and modern aesthetic. Given that these structures are only recently becoming more commonplace, many prospective barndominium owners turn to our Texas metal builders’ reputation for unmatched customer service in order to better understand the design, cost, and Houston barndominium building process. If these nontraditional Texas metal buildings are an intriguing option for your new house, keep reading to learn more about Houston barndominiums and if it’s the right home for you. 

What is a Texas Barnominium?

As the name implies, a barndominium is a Houston metal building that would traditionally be used as a barn, but is reenvisioned as a living space. Its appeal lies in its size, open floor plan, and simple design that serves as a blank canvas, ready to reflect your personal tastes. It consists of a metal shell built to your specifications that is then erected on your property, where you and/or your general contractor will complete the build with your choice of interior materials and finishes. Due to the simplicity of the metal shell, your Houston barndominium can be adapted to meet virtually any style, from farmhouse, to modern industrial, to country chic. Our Houston metal builders have helped countless homeowners build their legacy with our Texas barndominiums and we take great pride in the way each customer transforms our premium quality build into their sanctuary.

Traditional Home Vs. Houston Barndominium

While a Texas barndominium is designed to be a living space, the nature of the space as well as the process used to build it are quite different from those aspects of a traditional home. There are a number of advantages to building a Texas barndominium over other options, but there are limitations that you should evaluate before making a final decision. Our Texas metal builders encourage customers to consider the following:

Texas Barndominium Advantages

  • Quality steel construction, which lasts for generations to come.
  • Highly versatile and customizable.
  • Often more cost-effective.
  • Less susceptible to damage from fire, flood, and termites.
  • Requires less maintenance than traditional homes.
  • Modern, innovative design.
  • Quick turnaround for metal shell.

Texas Barndominium Limitations

  • Typically not accepted by most neighborhood deed restrictions, so likely must be erected in rural area.
  • Large, open concept can be overwhelming for some homeowners depending on lifestyle and eye for layout and design.
  • Texas metal builders typically only construct and erect the metal shell, so required collaboration with other residential construction professionals.. 

Our Texas Metal Builders Deliver Premium Quality Barndominium Construction

If you’re interested in learning more about Texas residential metal building construction services, including Houston barndominiums, contact us today. Our unmatched customer service and premium quality builds are designed to effectively and efficiently help you construct your dreams into reality. We look forward to showing you why so many homeowners are choosing to embrace our Texas barndominiums as modern, metal living spaces that will last for generations to come.

Our Commitment to Your Success

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