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How Metal Construction Supports Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings

If your business has a mindset of being energy-efficient, then you are already one step ahead. Custom metal buildings not only save you money on electricity bills and maintenance costs, but they also reduce your carbon footprint. Our Texas metal building company constructs your dreams into reality through sustainable solutions. Bal-Con Builders is dedicated to building your success for the future. Below are some ways we can help you become energy-efficient.

Energy Efficiency Starts in the Manufacturing Process

The engineering process of a steel frame building has been accurately designed to eliminate waste thereby creating a smaller carbon footprint. This makes metal construction inherently energy-efficient even before our products reach our commercial clients. With Bal-Con’s premium quality builds, you’re not only driving your business forward, but you’re also creating a positive impact on the environment.

Metal Buildings Are Great Insulators

During Summer

When you hear of custom metal buildings, you might think that they’re not optimal for warm weather. This is actually the opposite of true. Steel is an excellent reflector of the sun’s UV rays, making it especially beneficial during the hot summer months in Texas. Our Texas metal building company manufactures structures with superior light reflectivity and low heat emissivity.

During Winter

When the cold months arrive, your metal building also gives you an advantage. The insulating properties of steel perfectly trap heat in because there are no gaps like in wooden structures. The greenhouse effect is reduced and so are your energy bills.

You Cut Down on Electric Consumption

Another way you can save on energy bills is by incorporating skylights and windows in your metal buildings. These types of additions can be installed easily on steel compared to other materials. As a Texas commercial metal builder, Bal-Con will work with you to construct your dreams of a sustainable structure into reality.

Metal Buildings Are Low Maintenance

Our commercial clients love custom metal buildings because they require little maintenance intervention. They are also known for longevity—they last longer than other buildings so you don’t have to replace them for many decades to come. This is an important characteristic of metal construction that makes it the sustainable choice.

You Can Modify and Recycle Metal Structures

Need additions and modifications to your metal building? Bal-Con Builders offers renovation and repair services to our commercial clients. With our unmatched customer service, our team will cater to your needs until you’re pleased with the legacy you’re building. 

Work With Our Texas Metal Building Company

Looking for a commercial metal construction company that has energy efficiency and sustainability in mind? Bal-Con Builders is committed to the success of your business. By building your success for the future, we help you build your legacy. You can rely on us for unmatched customer service and premium quality builds that focus on functionality. Contact us today for a free estimate on our metal construction services!

Our Commitment to Your Success

You want a building meant to outlast future generations, and we want to help you build it. Whether you seek our residential or commercial metal building projects, we are fully dedicated to your projects’ success and, as a result, your own. We look forward to working together!

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