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Metal Buildings 101


Anchor Bolts
Bolts set in concrete, used to anchor structural members to concrete foundation. 

Space between the primary or main frames and measured on the horizontal distance.

Cables, rods, and angles used in the plane of the roof and walls to transfer loads (wind, seismic, and crane thrust) to the foundation.

A projecting roof system that is supported and restrained at one end only.

Raised flashing around a roof accessory to provide water rightness at the roof opening.

Eave Height
The vertical dimension from finished floor to top of eave strut.

The triangular portion of the endwall from the level of the eave to the ridge of the roof.

Gable Roof
A roof consisting of two sloping roof planes that form a ridge and form a gable at each end.

Steel coated with zinc for corrosion resistance.

This term refers to the thickness of a metal panel.

A structure having only one slope and depending upon another structure for partial support.

Main Frame
An assemblage of rafters and columns that support the secondary framing members and transfer loads directly to the foundation.

Roof Slope
Slope of a roof plane expressed as a ratio of vertical rise per unit of horizontal run. (Example: 2:12)

The material covering the underside of an overhang. It may have a vent embedded in it for air circulation and drainage.

The light gauge metal used in the finish of a building, especially around openings and at intersections of surfaces, often referred to as flashing.